Max Courage

On May 9th, Chloe McGrath a sixth grader from St. Agatha’s School was given a courage award by the Max Warburg Foundation.  She was one of 67 sixth graders. Students are primarily from Boston, and it is also open to students beyond the Greater Boston area, and even Nationwide. The stories were published in The Courage of Children Boston and Beyond Book. 

This year the foundation received over 5,000 essays. This program has been publishing stories of sixth graders for the past 28 years.  It was founded by the parents of Max Warburg, a sixth grader from Boston who lost his battle with leukemia in 1991.  Chloe, 6th grader from Saint Agatha School, was honored to be chosen by this foundation.

We appreciate and thank Mrs Allana Edstrom, who has diligently guided many students through the years to achieve regional and national awards as wella s to achieve great standards at their high school.

If you would like to learn more about this program, follow this link:
And about this year contest:
2018 National winner:

St. Agatha at the South Shore Science Festival

St. Agatha was well represented at the South Shore Science Festival, Mrs. Carr, Mrs. Carito and Ms. Powers supported the students that placed in a very high place the name of the school, some of the presenters include:

PresenterProject / Activity / Workshop Name
Can you pop a balloon with a skewer?
Amber FoleyVolcanoes
How does an electric motor works
What went wrong with the Tacoma-Narrows Bridge
Suspension Bridge
Tyler AmesWhich Salt will grow the most crystals?
Dry Ice Bubbles
Connor CliffordWhich Do you Hit Further With- A Metal or Wooden Bat?
Are Fingerprints inheritable?
Liam KellyDoes the weight of a hockey puck affect the damage to a foam board.
Improve your Chess!

St. Agatha Students claimed two trophees

Two St. Agatha Students honored the name of Saint Agatha School, bringing two trophees for the categories 4th and 5th grade and 1st and 3nd grade

In the photos below Victoria on the left and
Bruno on the right congratulations and thank you to both!

Victoria is the first girl ever to win a trophy in this tournament.